Project Rio

Data Visualization Project during Internship


Project Rio is a data visualization project based on law data in Brazil. These legal data which is provied by a brazil company includes cases happens each state all around Brazil, cases handled by different lawyers, justices, courts etc. My job is to create a web application to display all the data in a elegant and user-friendly way.

Project details


Mobile Friendly

This project is based on responsive design which means it will work well among all kinds of device including Phones, tablets and laptops.

Interactive maps for data displaying

In order to display the data in a more friendly and directly way, we attach all the data onto the map of Brazil. The number on each state indicates the number of cases occur in that state. If user click on the state, a detailed state map will show the number of cases in each city of that state. All the click on the states and cities will update the top statistics above.

top statistic

Dynamic UI for top statistics

Fundamentally, system shows four top statistics of four dimensions when users first log in. But they can also customize the dashborad by drag different dimensions into the top statistics area to make it more personalized.